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About LionHeart

LionHeart is a company focused on helping organizations grow their business and have fun along the way.

Our Belief

LionHeart believes that it takes more than words to be different to be able to change the world; we need to Challenge the Status Quo, Love the people, take action not just words, bring joy by being different, inspire by setting an example, have fun and be fun.

Our Services

LionHeart is a consulting, coaching, training, branding and support company determined to make a strategic impact on Palestine and its neighboring countries. LionHeart focuses on helping organizations develop their business (Revenue, Growth, Stock share value).

LionHearts main expertise are in the areas of Business Development; whether it is through helping the company expand into global markets, creating distribution channels, sales and marketing, improving customer loyalty, project management, branding media and even customized training programs.

Our History

LionHeart was established as a company in 2009 but the vision started in 2002 when the current CEO Sam N Husseini met Antonio Spagnolo from Switzerland. The vision was to create an organization that acts as the trusted advisor for SMB companies. One unique charater distinguishes LionHeart from the rest of the training and consulting organizations out there; is that it totally believes in the people and their ability to change the world. When LionHeart works, it focuses on people, and tries to touch their hearts.

Current Outstanding Project

Visit www.LionWorker.com, The Largest Online Database of Craftsmen, Restaurants, Doctors and Gyms; ranked and reviewed by the people of Palestine. Dig deep and do an advanced search to find the absolute best. While you are there, add a review or two to the people and places you know.

Our Future

LionHeart aims to become the defacto standard in coaching, training and branding in Palestine. Several projects are under way in the areas of e-Learning, and alternative energy to be released in 2013, 2014.