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Here is a short list of some Partners (Clients / Customers) for 2011 and their Testimonials

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsFAO's mandate is to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy.

“LionHeart has given us a great retreat. We are very happy with the outcome and follow up they have done. We would recommend them to anyone wishing to have an unique experience”.

Cyril Ferrand, FAO Senior Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator, West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Simpoe SAS
Spring Technologies

World Health Organization of the United NationsWHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

“We hired LionHeart for a small team building event but what we got in return is much more than we expected. They worked with us diligently to plan the event and hosted us for 2 days of full activities to inspire our people and team. The experiential learning activities were exceptional and provoked many emotions. Our team finished the retreat on a new high note, and this new energy was presented back to us in the work they are doing every day. We are so extremely happy to have hired LionHeart and recommend them to any organization looking to build a strong team and provoke leadership from within.”

Maarten Kockelkoren, Administrative & Finance Officer,WHO for West Bank & Gaza.

Palmedia A Paltel Group company, is a dynamic multimedia production and broadcast services provider.


“ يوماً رائعا شاملاً للترفيه ، التعليم، التفكير، المحبة، العمل الجماعي والتقرب مما هو بعيد إضافة إلى النظرة الأكثر شمولية للأشياء ما رأيته ولاأزال أراه، هي الابتسامة على وجوههم حتى اليوم، والتحدث المستمر وبشكل إيجابي عن ذلك الحدث. الأجمل هوتقربهم أكثر إلى الإدارة الجديدة التي كانوا يجبون من التعامل معها، وينظرون لها نظرة بعد وخوف مما هو آت، الأمر الذي سبب قلة التعاون والمشاركة معها، فالحال اختلف الآن . الترفيه المرتب والمنظم والمفيد أيضاً كان من ضمن ما أثار إعجابهم .”.

Nebal Odeh Safi, HR & Admin.
Simpoe SAS
Spring Technologies

SPRING TechnologiesSPRING Technologies is a pioneer in developing and integrating PLM software/solutions for companies (Big and Small) who have an interest in increasing their productivity and reducing operating expense. Headquarters located in France.

“When we decided to develop our software business in the US market, we decided to revamp completely our sales and marketing tools and the way we do business. With LionHeart, we found the perfect partner to help us. Through their proven methodology, they understood rapidly our needs and the solutions to bring. Our team has been coached perfectly to respect the milestones of our projects and adapt our marketing accordingly.”

Olivier BELLATON, General Manager

Simpoe SAS SIMPOE offers easy to use, easy to learn and affordable software solutions to simulate the plastic injection manufacturing process. Headquarters located in France.

“LionHeart has always been very reactive to our needs, and has delivered under very short notice outstanding sales and marketing material which had the greatest impact to quickly improve our market notoriety”.

Thierry Leroy, COO
Simpoe SAS
Paltel Group

PaltelBiggest Telecommunication Company in Palestine providing first class land lines, internet services and telephone equipment. Headquarters located in Palestine.

“We started working with LionHeart in 2008 and we have been extremely happy ever since. LionHeart is a key partner focused on results. The company focuses on touching people in a unique blend of coaching and training that transcends all of our expectations. We have seen measurable growth in sales due to this partnership. The ROI has been documented in many people from 37% growth to 187%. These numbers speak for themselves. We are fortunate to have LionHeart as an integral partner to Aletisalat Academy and the Paltel Group.”

Khalid Al-Zeri, General Manager Aletisalat Academy

Jawwal Jawwal is the first Palestinian Provider for communication services, it helps all people to communicate through the latest technology regardless of the hard political, economical and social obstacles facing it. Headquarters located in Palestine.

“….my sales have remarkably increased thanks to your advice and guidelines, which have really helped me in all aspects of my work.

Yaser, Sales Representative

Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals CompanyJepharm is a leading pharmaceutical company that employs more than 300 highly qualified personnel specializing in the areas of pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, adminstration, engineering, accounting, and many other related fields. Headquarters located in Palestine, with offices and companies in Jordan, Algeria.

“The workshop with Sam exceeded my expectations. He has a contagious high positive energy. He is a real professional with such a positive attitude that you look forward to each and every session with him. He is highly skilled and creative in motivating employees to perform at optimum levels. He has a blend of educational and professional background that provides the foundation of expertise. It has been a fantastic experience focusing on the topic with professionalism, being able to change the attitude of participants. Our team appreciated the opportunity to participate in his sessions, since it really gave deep impressions on many levels.”

Iyad Masrouji, President

PEX Palestine Exchange (PEX) is the investment front of Palestine, a regulated market with international standards, recognized for its advanced and efficient working environment, with 45 listed companies and a market cap of some $2.8 billion, as of October 2011

" our training with you was very unique and out of the box, we are proud to have a highly qualified local trainer like you, the money paid for your training is worth the outcome, we wish you all the best in your future projects"

Mohammad Khraim
Quality & Re-engineering Head

Reachare the first Palestinian-based contact center to offer high quality, performance-driven services.


" المدرب شخص رائع يستند على تجربة عملية و يستخدم أسلوب التعليم بالمتعة و بالتجربة مما أضفى حيوية و تفاعل مع المادة التدريبية قادتنا الى التعرف على ادوات جديدة تتيح لنا المجال لزيادة حجم المبيعات"

Iyad Habbash
Operations Manager


"كانت أيام أكثر من رائعة أعطت كل منا فرصة للتركيز على جانب آخر من شخصيتة التي اختبأت فترة طويلة تحت ستار المسؤولية - كم جميل أن ينسجم الشعور بالمسؤولية والانضباط في العمل مع الترفية والمتعة ، كان لذلك أثر ايجابي كبير في تحسين نفسية الموظفين . شكرا جزيلا لكم على مجهودكم الرائع و فقراتكم المميزة والى الأمام دائما"

Farah Jabr

Anabtawi Group is a leading Palestinian investment holding company with the largest distribution network in the country that operates through a number of market leading subsidiary companies in a variety of business sectors including FMCG distribution, corn and olive oil manufacturing, services, trade and investment.

“Sam’s workshop hit the mark! We wanted to build employee morale within the company, and that’s exactly what we received. With Sam’s full focus on our needs, motivational mannerism and outstanding exercises, our employees have come together with the spirit of unity and comradary”

Omar Anabtawi, General Manager of Near East Distribution and Marketing Co Ltd, member of Anabtawi Group.
Anabtawi Group
Arab Bank

Arab Bank

is the largest bank in Palestine, with an outreach Worldwide.


“…..really, I do not remember training like this. So thank you.”

Bashar Abu Sharkh, Nablus Sales.

Up2Date Consulting Up2Date is Palestinian Management and legal consulting company, led by a group of development professionals with vast expertise in managing large scale capacity building and development projects around the world including Palestine, Jordan, and the Middle East.


Sam you are Excellent, professional, unique and enjoyable, the best measure of success for me is, the feedback from the participants of “Exceptional Team Dynamics” workshop and they had never done anything like this before and you motivated them very well Thanks to you for delivering a memorable Training. As you are aware we were constrained by time and you managed the impact and the deadlines perfectly. It is still being talked about. "Our cooperation with Lionheart through delivering “Exceptional Team Dynamics” achieved what we promise our customers that is “Outstanding is Our Standard”, so Lionheart cooperation with us was the outstanding factor in our service Really Lionheart achieve our promises Thank you Lionheart &Sam

Imad Hazeem.
Up2Date Consulting
Masrouji Group

Masrouji Co. Ltd. Masrouji Company is a privatly owned company with 2 seperate departments. One focused on Pharmacies & Hospitals, the other is focused on FMCG.


“….really it exceeded our expectations, it was the first time we get tools to apply on theories…”

Nisreen Masrouji, Human Resources Director

UNITED Securities UNITED Securities Company is one of the first brokerage companies in Palestine and a licensed and accredited member of Palestinian Securities Exchange. UNITED provides all trading and brokerage services and operations for the local and regional markets. Headquarters located in Palestine.


“We were very lucky at United Securities to be one of Mr. Sam Husseini’s clients, we got one of the most professional 2 days training experience with him and we are looking forward to do more in the future. He really added value to the quality of services we offer to our clients as well as to the internal ambiance of the company”

Ruba Masrouji – Alami, General Manager

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

Freelance Group is a private institution with its the main objective is to provide high quality Consulting and Training services to private/public institutions and Non-Governmental-Organizations. LionHeart and Freelance Group worked together on a strategic partnership to empower women by giving them the needed skills to open up their own companies. Freelance hired top notch trainers and consultants to train the women on the needed skills and gave the best 10 women microloans for up to $5000 USD interest free for up to 5 years.

Freelance Group

AL BARQ Al BARQ specializes in providing complete turn key solutions to your logistical and transportation needs. It provides reliable and efficient distribution, delivery, shipping, trucking and warehousing services throughout Palestine and abroad.

PADICO PADICO's mission is to develop and strengthen the Palestinian economy, through investing in vital economic sectors.


European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund The European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund is the first guarantee fund established in Palestine. The fund is financed by the European Commission and the Federal Republic of Germany through KFW ENTWICKLUNGSBANK and by the European Investment Bank.


"Always looking for ways to improve team work and leadership in our organization, the workshop which Lion Heart conducted added a lot of value to our people. It helped find new ways to work together through better understanding of each other and most important by understanding our selves. The workshop was also great fun and a great experience.
Sam has passion for what he does. It shows in all the workshops he conducts and through the interaction with the participants."

Hanna B. Sahhar, General Manager

RYADA RYADA for lending and financial services


“A valuable learning experience, with immediate and practical applications. A different experience in training in which all information provided will never be forgotten. Sam's high and positive energy makes him a highly effective trainer. We at Ryada highly recommend these trainings for any person interested in developing communication, presentation and sales skills in a professional way and hope to witness a genuine effect on the communication skills of our team.”

Eman Hassouneh – RYADA, Marketing & PR Coordinator.

Wi'am As a grassroots organization established in Bethlehem in 1995, Wi’am aims to improve the quality of relationships and promote peace and reconciliation in the community. It strives alongside other forces present in the community to build a society based on democratic norms and values.


“LionHeart represented by Mr. Sam Husseini who knowledge of the subject and passed it to the participant in very clear way that help the participants to understand the strategy plan very well. The participants were appreciated the style of the training. His style was interactive that helped the participants engaging rewarding the discussion rewarding different topics of interest. We totally recommend this company to deliver such training as they showed experience, deep knowledge and style to engage the participants.”

Lucy Talgieh - Wi'am Center, Women Coordinator.

Alwatan Center Alwatan Center is one of the non-profit organizations in Palestine. The center was founded in Hebron in August 1988 to serve all individuals and groups interested in nonviolent action for resolving conflicts and building a civic society. In addition, it is dedicated to providing and disseminating information to the public about particular cases of need in order to foster greater public unity awareness, development and support.


“WOW, so beautiful ... excellent workshop ... great and lovely friends. Thank you all.”

Nayef Hashlamoun – ALWATAN Center.
Alwatan Center

Amideast Amideast is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.


“As part of my position I organize many trainings and this has been the first where I had people thanking me for inviting them on their day off!”

Fidah Mousa - Amideast, Scholarships Program Officer.

MEND Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND) promotes active nonviolence and encourages alternatives to violence among youth and adults throughout Palestine.


“Our experiences at the Lion Heart workshop were very positive indeed. Experienced trainer Sam N. Husseini focused primarily on enhancing an organisations productive capacity, whilst using an innovative and engaging array of approaches. For anybody seeking to improve their performance then LionHeart training comes highly recommended.”

Maximilian Wrey – Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy.
Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy
Near East Foundation

Near East Foundation For 95 years, the Near East Foundation (NEF) has helped the most vulnerable communities in the Middle East and Africa improve their conditions in the face of chronic poverty, conflict, migration and environmental hazards.


“I already worked with Hussam and LionHeart many years ago, Hussam characterized by simplifying things to the point where they can be workable. Training and capacity building carried out by many people but very few excel and show distinctive capacities, Hussam is one of few professional who I met in this area”

Salah Abu Eisheh - Near East Foundation, Managing Director.

Bethlehem University Bethlehem University is a Catholic co-educational institution in the Lasallian tradition whose mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing and use of knowledge.


“Really a very good training and a highly enjoyable day, especially for your dynamism and critical views on important issues. The program is great in content …. Thank you, Great job, keep on going”

Issa Ghrayeb – Bethlehem University.
Bethlehem University
Near East Foundation

Netherlands Representative Office (NRO) The NRO was established in 1994, soon after the conclusion of the Oslo Agreements, and was originally located in Jericho. In 1996, the NRO moved to Ramallah. The NRO comprises eight Dutch expatriate staff members and six Palestinian staff members.


“As a very busy time was in front of us, it was necessary to have the whole team focused towards this period. We knew it needed organization, cooperation and teamwork to bring this project successfully to a good end. Although with busy times ahead, we were able to participate in LionHeart’s workshop for 1 day. What we had hoped for and expected, was summed up by the end of the day: That was really great. We certainly recommend LionHeart to any organization seeking to improve their performance. ”

Franka van Wandelen - Netherlands Representative Office Ramallah, Office Manager.

Zone Technologies Zone was founded in 2008 as a local and international voice service provider operating in Palestine and other neighboring countries.


... the moral for the employees are very high.. of course thanks to your great event ...

Maan Bseiso - CEO Zone Technologies
Zone Technologies

AXSOS AXSOS is a dynamic growing IT-company focusing on useroriented IT.


“We enjoyed a 2 days sales and marketing workshop with Sam himself. It has been 2 intensive days full of work and fun. He lives what he teaches which made it a great experience for our team and inspired them to go ahead and put the learning into practice.”

Frank Müller - AXSOS, CEO.
AXSOS - useroriented IT

FATEN Palestine for Credit & Development "FATEN" is a pioneering national non-profit institution that provides a wide range of high quality and sustainable financial services, for low income and economically active small scale enterprises, micro entrepreneurs and individuals in Palestine.


كانت تجربة فريدة ومميزة لا تنسى من المرح و تبادل الخبرات وإجراء التدريبات المنوعة والغريبة من نوعها والتي كان في مضمونها الكثير الكثير من الدروس والعبر. الحياة مدرسة كبيرة وكل يوم نتعلم شيئاً جديدا ، وأنتم في شركة LionHeart عملتم على تقريب المسافات واختصار الكثير من الوقت كي نتعلم الكثير ونستمتع بكل لحظة نحياها. اتمنى لكم في شركة LionHeart المزيد من التقدم والعطاء ، واتمنى من الجميع خوض هذه التجربة الشيقة.

Hind Jarrar - Head of Fundraising and Public Relations and Marketing Section
Faten Technologies

Palestinian Education for Employment Foundation (PEFE) PEFE's vision is to empower youth with the skills and opportunities they need to build careers that create a better future for themselves, their communities and the world.


“We worked with LionHeart to organize a networking event for our alumni. LionHeart helped us to reinforce the principles of civic engagement, leadership and positive thinking. Through the motivating outdoor and indoor activities, our alumni learned how to think out of the box, be the hero of their stories, plan and set goals, identify a problem in the community and put forth the 5 solution and how to be the change they want to see in this world. It was such an inspirational event. Thank you LionHeart staff for your commitment, creativity and cooperation!”

Areen Kiresh - Palestinian Education for Employment Foundation, Measuring and Evaluation Officer.
Palestinian Education for Employment Foundation

Global Communities - Formerly CHF International Global Communities is an international non-profit organization that works closely with communities worldwide to bring about sustainable changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable.


I would like to personally thank you for the great team building experience you created/delivered to our organization during our retreat held at the InterContinental Hotel in Jericho from November 28th till November 30th 2013. Your positive attitude and outgoing personality made a world of difference. Our entire team had so much fun and thanks to you everyone was engaged. LionHeart picked up approximately 120 individuals with different personalities, like and beliefs and in 6 hours returned one team. WOW! Now that's impressive. The team building experience was the highlight of our retreat and exactly what we all needed!!! Thank you for making our experience with LionHeart a success, it is hard to beat in the future.

Lana Abu Hijleh - Country Director-West Bank/Gaza, Global Communities,
Global Communities

Oxfam Novib Oxfam Novib is a Dutch development organization committed to a just world without poverty. We are one of 17 affiliates of the Oxfam confederation, who together work with local partners in 94 countries


“We were are so happy we had LionHeart to organize the team building activities during the retreat held in Jericho for Oxfam Novib. We had a great and a very enjoyable experience. We will definitely contact them again for any future retreats that will be organized.”

Rania El Yousef - Oxfam Novib, Financial Administrator.
Oxfam Novib

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics is the official statistical institution of the State of Palestine. Its main task is to provide credible statistical figures at the national and international levels.


“LionHeart staff are extremely helpful and very involved, their hard work and dedication are seen through their work. We are satisfied with LionHeart services and we will definitely be keeping them in mind for future activities”

Ola Awad - President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Consulate General of Sweden Swedish official presence in Jerusalem has been unbroken since that date. In 1991 the Consulate General became a career consulate with diplomatic personnel from Sweden. Today, its consular district covers Jerusalem, as well as the West Bank and Gaza strip.


“We truly enjoyed the experience of the retreat. Not only did we had a fun filled day with lots of laughs, we also undoubtedly learned something new about ourselves as well as each other. We can gladly recommend the Lion Heart team to anyone wishing to get a unique experience.”

Camilla Håfström - Consulate General of Sweden - Jerusalem, Consul Migration, Consular and Administrative Affairs.
Consulate General of Sweden

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organisation which provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide


“We asked for a different and exciting day out and Lionheart had met our demands with a team building day. We enjoyed the day and the activities. So thanks lionheart for the wonderful experience.”

Muna Hijazi - Human Resource Officer

Medecins Du Monde (MDM) Medecins Du Monde (MDM) or Doctors of the World is an international humanitarian organization that provides emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable populations while fighting for equal access to healthcare worldwide.


We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise and hard work in the team day retreat, the day went so fast with you and your team but it had so many nice memories and wonderful relations among all the team! I believe the activities and role play you implemented helped in strengthening the relation and communication among our team.”

Fahmi Masri - Administrative & Logistics Coordinator, MDM France – Mission Palestine