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Development is a Human Right

Our mission is not only to offer best in class training but it is our RESPONSIBILITY to inspire people to become the best they can be. Our methodology is simple; we incorporate live examples, case studies, lectures, movies, role playing, learning by doing and many exercises that emphasize the learning. The learner leaves motivated, with the desire TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

Our experts have experience in the following Industries: Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Software, Manufacturing, Retail Banking, Insurance, Stock Exchange, Training and Distribution.

LionHeart specializes in all soft skills related to Sales. Whether it is negotiation skills, closing techniques, presentation skills, communication methodology, customer service, customer retention, customer loyalty and much more.

Business Development

General Subjects Change your habits, learn new skills, seek excellence.

Why don’t you start with the following topics; like:

  • Goal Setting Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Planning
  • Management Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Sales
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Time Management

Customized ProgramsThese programs contain material from the general list put together for a comprehensive approach

Why don’t you start with the following topics; like:

  • Basic Retail Sales
  • Advanced Retail Sales
  • Basic Corporate Sales
  • Advanced Corporate Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Channel/Distributor Sales
  • The Art of Decision Making
  • Thinking Way beyond the Box
  • The Executive Treasure Chest
  • Top Executive Secrets
  • Superior Customer Care
  • Present to Inspire
Business Development

Specific ProgramsVery Specific programs in the area of Business Development

Why don’t you start with the following topics; like:

  • Channel Management
  • Channel Sales and Marketing
  • Software Sales Tools
  • How to establish an ROI
  • The Sales Superstar
  • Getting Things Done
  • Life Work Balance
  • Using Technology in todays market
  • How to create a winning Team
  • Business Outlook

Sharpen YOUR skills and stay ahead of the competition with leading-edge workshops / seminars. With over 21 workshops to choose from in 36 cities across the globe, LionHeart offers training solutions to meet every individuals needs.


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