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Our Approach

Whenever LionHeart works with a company, it feels a sense of pride and ownership. LionHeart becomes responsible for the success of that company. Right from day 1, loyalty is established and a plan for the return on investment is followed.

We have experts from all over the world with over 36 years of hands on experience. Our main experts come from the Middle East, Switzerland, Malaysia, and North America. LionHeart believes in the personal touch and adds this to every engagment. We work as one team, with one mission and that is to over exceed your expectations.

To apply for our consulting/coaching services please feel free to send us a written inquiry using the contact form.

All About Consulting / Coaching

Our consulting expertise lie mainly into 3 areas:

How to build a successful distribution channel

LionHeart has over 20 years experience in seting up sales distribution channels world wide. It has the contacts and vision for how each country operates. LionHeart has developed over 30 different techniques and tools to enhance the experience of the vendor and the reseller to allow for perfect Synergy.

How to grow your business without compromise

In todays economy, it has become very evident that customers look for the best products, best service, best price and someone they trust. For any company to succeed they need to adopt a professional and personal touch that makes them unique. Knowing all these facts, LionHeart has mastered the art of "how to engage the customer and give them exactly what they want for a win-win scenario".

How to win customers and establish loyality

Customers are people and people have choices, there are certain things YOU can do today to get people to TRUST you. Learn more by contacting LionHeart.